Our team has great experience in end of tenancy cleaning, therefore we are guaranteeing the customers a brilliant final result and we are more than happy to help you.
Our company works with the best equipment and detergents available on the market.
All our cleaners undergo extensive training, which gives them the knowledge they need to clean all types of furniture, carpets, appliances, windows, etc. Our cleaners are fully insured and we guarantee personal for them.

Our cleaners will thoroughly clean the Bedrooms leaving a Safe Environment for you to sleep in. They will wipe the walls free of cobwebs and dust, clean the windows, polish the wardrobes, bedside cabinets, Vacuum the carpet and curtains. Will empty all bedroom closets and other closets. For a furnished place, will check inside drawers and under bedroom furniture, and remove any debris.



We will do everything top to bottom in the kitchen. Thoroughly clean and degrease kitchen appliances: oven, stovetop (including stove hood), refrigerator (including freezer), microwave and dishwasher. All the draws and cupboards, the Utensils and Appliances are also cleaned, then Mop the floors and wipe down all the sides.

Bathroom and toilet

Our cleaners will disinfect everything, using the professional chemicals and steam cleaning method.

We use only the best chemicals, so we will leave the taps and fittings shining.


Our service in this room include hoovering all soft furnishing, polish any hard furniture, clean the windows, mirrors and other shiny surfaces, polish any Hard floors that you may have.


Our professional cleaners will hoover or mop these areas thoroughly and wipe down the walls, sockets, switches.

Ensuring that the first impression when entering the property is a Good Clean one.

All interior rooms

  • Dust and clean all door frames and skirting boards
  • Dust and clean all picture rails and all decorations
  • Dust and clean the light fittings and electrical sockets
  • Dust and clean all wardrobe and inside the cupboards
  • Dust and polish all hanging rails
  • Dust and polish all mirrors and frames
  • Dust and polish all free-standing furniture
  • Dust and polish all doors, handles and locks
  • Dust and polish all light switches
  • Mattresses vacuumed
  • All rugs vacuumed, replace and moved
  • Vacuumed and removed armchair and sofas cushions
  • Window glass and frame internal cleaning
  • Flooring vacuumed and mopped
  • Walls and ceiling cobwebs removed and dusted


  • Removed the crumbs
  • Clean and degrease flex and lug
  • Clean and polish external body


  • Remove and clean the glass
  • Remove and degreased the cooker fitments
  • Interior de-greased


  • Clean and polish cupboards, handles and doors
  • Dishwasher cleaning In and Out
  • Clean and polish wall tiles
  • Clean and buffed worktops
  • Clean the kick boards
  • Clean under sing area
  • Clean for utensils, crockery, cutlery and glassware are additional fee
  • Empty the bins, clean interior and exterior
  • Clean all areas between appliances and cupboards
  • Remove limescale from sink and taps
  • Polish all chrome and metal plate surface


  • Clean internal walls and the glass tray
  • Cleaned interior glass door
  • Clean and polish exterior
  • Clean and degrease the plug and flex


  • Clean and degrease plug and flex
  • Clean and polish exterior body
  • Clean and rinse interior

Extractor Hood

  • Clean and degrease the filters
  • Clean, polish and degrease the external body

Bathroom, En Suites & WC

  • Descale and clean the basins, bath and shower areas
  • Descale and polish shower screens
  • Clean and polish all bathroom fixtures
  • Clean and remove the waste
  • Clean and sanitise the toilet
  • Clean the toilet cistern
  • Clean the toilet U-bend and area behind
  • Remove soap and limescale from all surfaces
  • Remove limescale from toilet bowl
  • Polish all chrome and metal surfaces

Fridges & Freezers

  • Clean and remove the food and shelves compartments
  • Clean internal base and walls
  • Clean handle and exterior door
  • Clean the rubber seal
  • Freezer must be defrosted and emptied beforehand

Washing Machine

  • Clean glass door
  • Clean the rubber seal inside and outside
  • Clean and wash exterior
  • Clean and wash the soap dispenser
  • Clean inside drum



Flat £95

House £110

3 Bedroom /1 Bathroom

Flat £165

House £180

1 Bedroom

Flat £125

House £140

4 Bedroom /1 Bathroom

Flat £185

House £200

2 Bedroom

Flat £145

House £160


Toilet £10

Bathroom £15

Staircase £15

Conservatory windows £25

Balcony £25

Freezer defrosting £30


Trained and uniformed staff

High quality service

Fully Insured Company

Quick response to issues & queries

High quality cleaning tools & detergents


Cost effective cleaning services

Outstanding team support

High quality management system

Flexible appointments

A variety of cleaning services

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